Our Products

5 LED LIGHTS LIMITED provides two product series of LED Par30 and LED Flood Lights including: LED Par30 35W, Par30 35W E27 Track Light, LED Par30 35W Ceiling Light, Par30 35W LED Downlight, Recessed Par30 35W LED Grille Light, LED Motion Flood Light, Driverless LED Flood Light, SMD LED Flood Light, and Outdoor LED Flood Light fixture of Landscape Lighting Kits.Our products are popular in most European and American markets.

5 LED LIGHTS LIMITED is a money saving lighting company, focus on manufacturing and developing LED light fixtures. With hard work and innovation during these past years, our products have gained a good reputation as a reliable supplier in the LED Lighting field.


You and your company are looking for an ideal match between your LED Flood light fixtures and your corporate identity,in order to improve your sales and market share for LED illumination products. 5 LED LIGHTS LIMITED is happy to offer the partners selling high-quality market-leading LED Flood Light products under your company's brand name.Learn more >>